About AWLA

The African Women Lawyers Association was conceptualized in 1998 at a networking meeting of African women lawyers in Accra as a response to the need for an all-African Women Lawyers grouping committed to addressing issues affecting African women and children. It was also envisaged that the group would be able to articulate these continental concerns at international and regional fora.

AWLA Ghana was registered under the Companies Code, 1963, Act 179 on 12th August 1999 as GA 4,863. It is registered as an NGO by the Department of Social Welfare as No. DSW/1364

The primary objective in establishing AWLA is to promote networking among women lawyers in Africa for the promotion and enhancement of the status of the African woman on the Continent. In this connection, national chapters and individual members are encouraged to formulate national and local policy.

Our Objectives

To strengthen networking among African women lawyers

To share information and lobby for gender equality in Africa through legislative reform, public education and advocacy.

To promote the principles and aims of the United Nations, the African Union and the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights.

To enhance the legal status of women in Africa.

To enhance the status of Children.

To promote access to justice for women and children.

Capacity/Internal Organisation


The Association is a voluntary organization made up of women lawyers in Ghana. Presently there are 50 members – a full list is available on request.

Offices/ Secretariat

AWLA’s Secretariat is housed in rented offices situated at HN/C6633, Anyemi Kpakpa Street Asylum Down in Accra. There is a lawyer working full time at the Secretariat on the following basis:

  • An Executive Director who is responsible for the day to day administration of the Association, she co-ordinates the projects.
  • A Legal Advisor who advises on the legal framework of projects, prepare reports, assist with the day to day running of the Organization.
  • There are several full time support staff including a clerk, driver and security, they are paid from the institutional support Awla builds into its project proposals.

Executive Board

AWLA has a six-member elective executive board chaired by the executive director. The Executive has the overall responsibility of steering the Organization’s affairs.

They are all volunteer lawyers and serve in the following capacities:

  • Administrative Secretary
  • Financial Affairs Officer
  • Media Relations Officer
  • Welfare Officer
  • Projects Committee Coordinator
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Financial Affairs Officer
  • Media Relations Officer

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